Yvette Ledoux is a female chocolates creator.

She has been working with chocolate since 1972. She started in a non-industrial production firm. This firm turned over to industrial production (mass production with almost no handwork). During seventeen years, she has learned the finesses of turning chocolate into pralines.

In october 1989 Yvette Ledoux started her own firm in a small workshop with one moulding machine, moulds and raw materials... At the same time she opened a shop. Little by little the firm has grown, mainly through mouth to mouth advertising. At first there was only retail trade, later the wholesale was added. Because of this, the small workshop became too small and a new building was set up.

The present owners are Delfien De Tavernier and Frank Vanderhaeghe. They took over the place in oktober 2007 and take care that customers still can enjoy the handmade chocolate specialities of chocolate workshop Ledoux.