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My own chocolate story

I still get a lot of questions, how did you get to take over a chocolate shop 12 years ago and without any chocolate background?

(I studied Accountancy

:-) )

I remember it like it was yesterday.

When we were about to take over, I dreamed away and saw myself stirring in pots, making surprising chocolate products, trying out fresh flavours, tasting a lot in between. In short, totally romantic as in the movie 'Chocolat'


The creative and craft part of my work still appeals to me very strongly. This is really my thing!


About 8 years ago a customer came to me and asked to give a workshop for a group of friends. All chocolate addicts! Together, they had the most magical afternoon! Quite a revelation for them, but also for me! It was great to see how excited these girls were, and how inventive they were.

I definitely wanted to do this more!

It’s fascinating to see how creative people with chocolate can be, even if they don't expect this from themselves at all!

They are always very surprised with the result and go home with a certain pride!

I love to let people rest, INSPIRE and let their IMAGINATION speak when processing chocolate, a versatile top product.

Chocolate craft

I like to work with my hands and sometimes I come to the most surprising results.

So I made for katrien a personal wedding gift! Together with Katrien and a number of other women I followed a business coaching program, all super sweet women, between which a bond has grown. Because Katrien got married the day before Easter, Unfortunately, I couldn't be there.

The ladies came up with the idea to give Katrien a very personal gift in chocolate. Per person I made a decorated Easter egg with our name on it and the gift was inside. The next time, when I saw Katrien again, she was super excited about her wedding gift, conceived by people close to her heart and made by someone she knows.

It is always very nice to know when others are trying so hard to make you happy!

I always find it super nice to brainstorm together with the people who give the present and create an inventive CHOCOLATE GIFT to surprise another.

Katrien, her husband didn't get a chance to taste it.


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