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Eggplants, caraques and pralines

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The Easter eggs Are filled with praliné, praliné crispy, speculoos praliné, vanilla, banana, lawyer, pistachio, strawberry, praline with popped rice.
There are also full eggs just like the P Cheese caraques And Easter spralines : Chicken, hare, lambs, long hookers: are filled with praline and with variants (eg. Puffed rice)

Please let us know your preferences via email after order via info@choc-ledoux.be

A) We will send with the POST.

B) LOCAL CONCERNED by us in the region of Ypres, Langemark, Houthulst, Staden,
Ask for it via Info@choc-ledoux.be

C) Large quantities for companies we can come to deliver.
Ask for it via Info@choc-ledoux.be

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